We're beyond happy that you've decided to look further into this role as Brand Ambassador for our brand! Below is a run down on us, the program and FAQ's. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to our owner via email.


About Us:

The 7 Figures Clothing Brand is for individuals who have a burning desire to succeed financially and achieve ultimate freedom.

About the Program:

Our Brand Ambassador program is fairly straight forward.

As an ambassador we ask that you post twice a month (feed or stories) that's it. No long term commitments or continual purchase requirements!

Feel free to use any other Instagram account that you have, as well as other social media platforms.

The more you post and share your code, the more people will be interested in purchasing through your code, which means you will make more through your 15% commission!

How Does This Work?
In simple terms you will be purchasing at a 30% discount using code 7FAMB.

Once you make your first purchase you will be signing up for our ambassador dashboard.

In that dashboard you will get links and a personal code for 15% off where you can track who uses your code and how much money you have made in commission.

For example, Amber signs up and is accepted to be an Ambassador. Amber purchases using code 7FAMB and signs up for the dashboard.

Once Amber receives her clothes she posts about it on her Instagram story and tells her followers they can get 15% off using her personal code "AMBER15".
Amber makes 15% kickback on the revenue generated from her code!


You should have received a separate email asking you to set up your Buzzbassador account by creating a password. (Buzzbassador is the software we use to manage our ambassador program).

Inside your dashboard area, you will be able to find your unique link, payouts, stats etc.

You will be paid your commissions 14 days after a sale is made using your link through PayPal.

The next step is to order the product or products you'd like to start with from the site - https://7figuresclothing.com/

The code to get 30% off is "7FAMB" (This will be your 30% off code for life).

*NOTE: Your Code will NOT work until you create your ambassador account below!*

I keep getting a password error when trying to sign in.
You will have to confirm your account via email before you can log in. It may be in your junk mail or promotions tab. Once you confirm your email your account will be active and will allow you to login.

Where is my personal code?
In the dashboard once you sign up you’ll see your code highlighted in pink and links right below that.

How do I get paid my 15%?

We pay via PayPal 14 days after a sale is made using your tracking link. In the dashboard it asks for your email and your payment email. Please put your PayPal email in the payment email section

How much do my followers get discounted?

Your followers will get 15% off using your unique code

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me via email below: